Town Council Voted in Support of International Dark Sky Designation

The Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association is extremely pleased that the Town Council unanimously supported the goal to have Fountain Hills designated as a Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). We want to thank the Council and Town staff for their support.

Our Association has worked for nearly two years on this project. We have accomplished much, including gaining a unanimous vote of the Council in November to update the outdoor lighting ordinance to address new technologies.

If IDA’s Board of Directors approves our Town’s application, Fountain Hills would be only the 15th community in the world to achieve this prestigious designation, which hopefully will be accomplished by year-end.

One requirement for designation is to educate the community about smart lighting practices that minimize light pollution. We have committed to this education process and will provide additional detail about things like color temperature, shielding, lumens, electronic message boards, and the benefits of Dark Sky Community designation. This will be done through the Fountain Hills Times, presentations to community groups, and our website.