If you have a neighbor with outdoor lights that trespass onto your property, the glare can be annoying and sometimes disturb your sleep cycles. It can be frustrating, but we have suggestions for ways to handle it.

#1 Review Suggestions from the International Dark Sky Association

The International Dark Sky Association offers great advice for people who are struggling with a neighbor’s lighting. Check out their list of practical suggestion.

CLICK HERE for more information from IDA.

#2 Send a Letter to Your Neighbor

If, after reviewing the suggestions from IDA, you decide that a letter is the best approach, we have a Sample Letter to help you. In our experience, once a neighbor is made aware of the situation, they’ll usually do what they can to remedy the offending light.

CLICK HERE for our Fountain Hills Neighbor Sample Letter.


#3 Check the Town's Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

It’s possible that the offending lights are in violation of the Town’s Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Town’s Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.

#4 Report Complaints to Code Enforcement

The Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association does not enforce the Town’s lighting code. If you have a lighting code complaint that’s not being resolved, please reach out to the Town’s Code Enforcement.

CLICK HERE for contact information for Code Enforcement.