The Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association’s mission is to inspire residents to take pride in the Town’s rare distinction as an International Dark Sky Community and to protect and preserve our night sky for the benefit of all living things.


Expand community support for protecting our unique dark skies and natural surroundings through education, social interaction, and special events.

Pursue collaborative opportunities with local and regional stakeholders to raise awareness about the social, economic, and environmental benefits of smart lighting and protecting our dark skies. 

Continue to meet and exceed annual Dark Sky Certification requirements.

Provide supplemental support to IDSDC, where appropriate, to augment its planning and development efforts toward the creation of an international tourist attraction.



As with all great things in Fountain Hills, it all began with a handful of passionate residents who thought, “I wonder how we can protect the unique dark skies we have here?” They put their idea into action, working in partnership with Town officials, and realized their dream on January 8, 2018.

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