Presentation at Toastmasters

Clayton giving a demonstration of unshielded light

Clayton presented a scaled down version of the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association’s Initiative aimed at shielding and kelvin during a Toastmasters meeting.

The simple message in this apresentation was to use warm lights, not use bright white lights; a 3000k or less. One can easily locate the kelvin rating on the back of a box or bulbs. Also, he spoke about shielding. This simple concept means using fully shielded lights that don’t emit light beyond a 90 degree radius.

This demonstration shows the comparison between shielded and unshielded lighting. Shielding not only help us see better, but it reduces light pollution by directing the light to only the areas they need it

There are many more presentations planned by the Fountain Hills Dark Sky association. Take a look at our schedule, here.