Virtual Reality Activities at the Festival

The Fountain Hills High School is hosting a virtual reality station at the 2nd Annual Fountain Hills Dark Sky Festival to provide a thrilling experience of outer space.

Fountain Hills High School has amazing and unprecedented technology that allows our students to learn on the latest computers and software. The virtual reality lab consists of the most powerful Dell computers on the market with maxed out specs and Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The Mac lab has the latest iMacs with maxed out specs and the latest graphics cards to ensure there is no limit to students’ creativity. Students in the 3D Animation program can create in the 3D environment, then interact with their creation in virtual reality and print it on the 3D printers. The High School also offer coding classes, one introductory class and one AP level course. Students learn to code in the coding lab which offers students access to additional high-end Dell computers. With over 750 computers on the campus and approximately 500 students, all students have access to the latest and greatest technology.