Astroscience Discovery Center

The local Dark Sky Association has decided to put its weight behind a potential Astroscience Discovery Center and, based on the history of similar projects around town, we figure the sky is quite literally the limit.

Some of Fountain Hills’ best amenities are the result of dedicated clubs and organizations working with the town to create something special. Once the ball gets rolling, additional groups typically take up the cause, volunteers offer their own talents and, eventually, we wind up with things like the Splash Pad, music park, downtown greening project and the like. The most recent example of what can happen when a dedicated group decides to tackle a project they’re passionate about is the Community Garden. Just a handful of interested individuals ballooned into a collaborative effort involving dozens of individuals, businesses and organizations to create that thriving community jewel in the heart of downtown.

This potential Astroscience Discovery Center seems like the next “perfect fit” for Fountain Hills, capitalizing on the community’s Dark Sky status with an amenity that could be used for everything from educating students on field trips to drawing groups from out of town to take part in various activities, presentations and the like.

The Town Council seems to agree, giving a unanimous thumbs-up to the Dark Sky Association to pursue development of the facility on town property. The site they’re looking at is adjacent to the Community Garden, which would place it in close proximity to the museum, library and Community Center.

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