My Neighbor’s Lighting

You might have a neighbor not realizing that their outdoor lights trespass onto your property, creating annoying glare and perhaps disturbing sleep cycles.  It can be quite frustrating, but there are some suggested ways for how this can be handled.

First, review the suggestions put forth by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) by clicking on this link:

Second, if after reviewing the suggestions from IDA you decide that a letter is the best approach, here is a link to a letter that is more specific to Fountain Hills: FH Neighbor Sample Letter.  Our experience is that quite often when the neighbor is made aware of the situation, they’ll do what they can to remedy the offending light.

Lastly, it’s possible that the offending lights are in violation of the Town Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.  Here are two links that will help you understand the ordinance:

Again, the best approach is usually to contact your neighbor directly.  However, if the offending light is a code violation AND you believe that contacting your neighbor directly is not advisable, you are entitled to contact the Town of Fountain Hills code enforcement division.  Information about filing a complaint or calling the code enforcement division can be found here: