Dark Sky Exhibit Photo Contest

Call to photographers for Night Sky and Astrophotography Images

Purpose – Participate in the 2019 Fountain Hills celebration of the 2018 certification of
Fountain Hills as an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky
Association. This year, the celebration will be held at the Fountain Hills Community
Center on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

Objective – Participate in an Exhibition and Photo Contest of Night Sky/Astro celestial
object images taken from within the geographical boundaries of Fountain Hills, as a way
of demonstrating what can be done with the dark skies of Fountain Hills. Celestial
objects of interest include the moon, eclipses, meteors, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and
any other dark sky/astro subjects. The exhibition will be mounted on the walls of the FH
Community Center from Monday, March 25 through Saturday, March 30. The
announcement of the winners will be made on March 30 as part of the overall Fountain
Hills Dark Sky Celebration.

The two categories of Dark Sky images wanted for the Exhibition and the contest are;
Category 1 – ‘Landscape’ night sky/astrophotographs taken from within Fountain
Hills and containing some landscape feature identifiable as a Fountain Hills
feature (like the famous fountain, a piece of sculpture found at Fountain Lake, Four
Peaks, or something else, in addition to the celestial subject).

Category 2 – ‘Tele’ night sky/astrophotographs taken with a telescope or telephoto
lens within Fountain Hills, but without any visible Fountain Hills elements (submittal
info would include when and where in Fountain Hills the picture was taken, which
would be included on the information tags mounted on the wall of the FH
Community Center during the Exhibition).

Two professional Dark Sky and Astronomical photographers have been retained as
judges for this contest. Judging criteria will include both technical excellence and artistic
merit. For both categories, no photo manipulation is allowed (e.g., taking a full moon or
a foreground subject from one image and placing it in another image, or creating a
montage). Focus stacking, HDR processing or multi-frame stacking of the same scene
with the same field of view over time is OK (e.g., star tracks) as long as the stacked
images are taken with the same camera and lens taken from the same observation
point. First and Second Prizes will be awarded to pictures in each category. Limit of 4
images per person (can be any mix of Categories).

Please fill out a separate entry form and send to Bruce Boyce, 14133 N Honeysuckle Drive,
FH, 85268, or email form to bruce.boyce@cox.net, by Thursday, March 21, 2019. Please
deliver your Images to be hung at the FH Community Center on the morning of Monday,
March 25, 2019.

2019 Dark Sky Exhibit Entry Form