We recently collaborated with Arizona State University’s School of Earth & Space Exploration and the International Dark Sky Discovery Center to host International Observe the Moon Night. The event was sponsored by NASA with participants in 40 countries.

NASA did five live broadcasts throughout the night from their headquarters, Alabama, Italy, South Korea, and FOUNTAIN HILLS! You can catch our past president Scott Adams at 40:00, and IDSDC president Joe Bill at 1:02:00. Click on the video below to watch.


Fountain with Moon over Fountain Lake | Photo by Rob Mains

The Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association is dedicated to educating the community about the advantages of smart lighting and protecting our unique dark sky. With your help, light pollution and light trespass can be minimized so that we and future generations can enjoy the wonders of the nighttime universe.

Fountain Hills stands apart from other communities for a number of reasons: its signature fountain, its geography and scenery, its small-town feel in the corner of a major metropolitan area, its adjacency to parks, preserves, and national forest, and its dark skies.

Fountain Hills, Arizona was awarded the rare distinction of being designated an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) leading to the proposed International Dark Sky Discovery Center, a 15,000 sq. ft. facility with a Dark Sky Observatory, Hyperspace Planetarium, Inspiration Theater, and  an Immersion Zone.

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